Base Weight in Clan Wars

If you don’t know, everything in Clan Wars is based on your weight. In most case, 2 Clans which have the same weight will get matched with each other.

Name Level Weight
Cannon 1 100
Cannon 2 199
Cannon 3 297
Cannon 4 394
Cannon 5 490
Cannon 6 585
Cannon 7 679
Cannon 8 772
Cannon 9 864
Cannon 10 955
Cannon 11 1,045
Cannon 12 1,134
Cannon 13 1,222

The table above is an clear example for the weight in Clan Wars. As you can easily see, the higher level your building is, the more weight it has. Cannon level 13 has lots of weight while Cannon level 1 just has about 100 weight.

By optimizing your buildings and don’t upgrade any unused troops, you can easily get matched with weaker Town Hall levels so your Clan can easily win the Clan Wars regardless.

I am going to post the full table on this weekend. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can visit it whenever you want!

What is the best TH8 War Base?

What is the best TH8 War Base in Clash of Clans? I don’t know what is the best one, but the one below is definitely one of the best! It is called ReaderThone!


It is one of the best TH8 War base layoust that I have tried after the P.E.K.K.A update. One of my friends, macstinger, designed this base in September last year. This base is one of the most popular layouts after years with lots of unique Features  such as Anti Wall Breakers, Anti GoWiPe and Hog Riders. Let’s take a look at here and you will like it!

Attack Strategy that can break any TH8 War Base

GiWi2Ho is an attack strategy very similar to GoHo, but uses Giants in place of a Golem and witches. The Giants are tankers while Wizards and Witches, with the help of heroes, wreak havoc on one side of the base. Then comes the classic Hog style, destroying any defense in their way. This is a 3 star strategy on any TH8 and the weak TH9, and with some strategy can be used to 3-star any TH9.

Army Composition (adjustable)

Attack Phase I

-8 Giants

-10 Wizards

-4 or 5 Wall Breakers

-4 Witches

Attack Phase II

-16 Hog Riders


-1 Jump Spell

-3 Healing Spells

-1 Poison Spell

Clan Castle


-Poison (recommended in Clan Wars if many enemy CC’s have tanking troops) or Haste

What to Watch Out For

-Places where there could be double Giant Bombs are dangerously devastating to Hogs and can ruin the attack completely. Do whatever it takes to avoid these places, such as using the Jump Spell to have Giants take the damage.

-Be quick in deployment because once Giants are in the core, outside defenses that have not been destroyed will target your Wizards.

The Attack

Pre-attack Phase

Use a hog or barbarian to lure out CC troops. Use poison spell(s) to kill the troops. If the CC troops are tankers, kill them by using cheap troops to lure it out even more and killing them with Wizards.

Attack Phase I

Drop two Giants on top of each other to have defenses target them. Drop Wall Breakers to destroy walls. Send remaining Giants and maybe a heal spell to have Giants last longer. Drop Wizards once the Giants enter the first layer to take out outside buildings. Try creating a funnel so Wizards destroy the buildings to the side of where Giants entered so Witches can go to the core. Now deploy a Jump Spell at an intersection and a Haste Spell (if you have one) where the Giants are going to have your Giants go further into the core. Defenses will be distracted while Wizards take out everything. Then drop the Witches and the heroes. They should target into the core if you created a funnel with Wizards. At this point, don’t wait until all troops have been wiped out like some GoHo-style attacks. Immediately go into Attack Phase II to avoid having your Witches/Wizards all killed off.

Attack Phase II

If you are familiar with GoHo you should already know how to attack here. Spread your Hogs on the side of your attack. Use Healing Spells at points with many defenses or places with many Hogs. Now you can sit back and watch your attack!

Protect your Heroes from the Poison Spell

A few skill is needed when Using double poison. Let’s take an example with Poison vs. Dragon, Why Dragon? Because Dragon is the most used to be CC guard in war and we will take lv.5 (max) of Dragon.

This is the interesting one: Dragon lv.5 which has 2700 HP can down with 2 poison spell which lv.1 + lv.2. How it can be? The key is TIMING.



  1. Lure the CC so it is outDrop 1st Spell
  3. Drop 2nd spell
  4. And…GET DOWN!!!

Done! Good luck guys!



New Clash of Clans Post Update TH8 War Base

This base layout is mostly ment for mid-late th 9’s. This is because the elixer storages are semi-exposed. If you want to concentrate on elixer, just swap these storages with the gold storages.


  • Unlurable CC: The CC covers the whole base, but the attacker will need to use hogs etc. to lure i
  • Spread out splash defenses/storages:

As you can see, the splash defenses and storages are spread out all over the base. Now, for the attacker it’s pretty hard to steal all resources. All the spread out defenses cover almost the whole base.

Centralized x-bows: The xbows are located in the center to protect the dark elixer and cover the whole base.

Hope you enjoy the base

Link to speedbuild: