Base Weight in Clan Wars

If you don’t know, everything in Clan Wars is based on your weight. In most case, 2 Clans which have the same weight will get matched with each other.

Name Level Weight
Cannon 1 100
Cannon 2 199
Cannon 3 297
Cannon 4 394
Cannon 5 490
Cannon 6 585
Cannon 7 679
Cannon 8 772
Cannon 9 864
Cannon 10 955
Cannon 11 1,045
Cannon 12 1,134
Cannon 13 1,222

The table above is an clear example for the weight in Clan Wars. As you can easily see, the higher level your building is, the more weight it has. Cannon level 13 has lots of weight while Cannon level 1 just has about 100 weight.

By optimizing your buildings and don’t upgrade any unused troops, you can easily get matched with weaker Town Hall levels so your Clan can easily win the Clan Wars regardless.

I am going to post the full table on this weekend. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can visit it whenever you want!