What is the best TH8 War Base?

What is the best TH8 War Base in Clash of Clans? I don’t know what is the best one, but the one below is definitely one of the best! It is called ReaderThone!


It is one of the best TH8 War base layoust that I have tried after the P.E.K.K.A update. One of my friends, macstinger, designed this base in September last year. This base is one of the most popular layouts after years with lots of unique Features  such as Anti Wall Breakers, Anti GoWiPe and Hog Riders. Let’s take a look at here and you will like it!


New Clash of Clans Post Update TH8 War Base

This base layout is mostly ment for mid-late th 9’s. This is because the elixer storages are semi-exposed. If you want to concentrate on elixer, just swap these storages with the gold storages.


  • Unlurable CC: The CC covers the whole base, but the attacker will need to use hogs etc. to lure i
  • Spread out splash defenses/storages:

As you can see, the splash defenses and storages are spread out all over the base. Now, for the attacker it’s pretty hard to steal all resources. All the spread out defenses cover almost the whole base.

Centralized x-bows: The xbows are located in the center to protect the dark elixer and cover the whole base.

Hope you enjoy the base

Link to speedbuild: